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The Tango. The name itself conjures up visions of strong, sexy, aggressive partner dancing with dramatic actions. In the early part of the twentieth century, the entire world went Tango mad, but the dance was considered scandalous because of its sexuality.

Today, Tango is no longer controversial. It hasn't strayed very far from its roots. There are now three different styles of Tango, with the International and American Smooth styles being the easiest to learn. We focus on a blend of those styles in the Beginner Program. This is one of the easiest dances to learn, so dive right in!

In this 70-minute video dance class, you'll learn the basic elements of Tango with a common group of figures that you can use to dance around the room.


This course is 1 hour 10 minutes long. The video is broken down into a number of sections so that you can quickly jump to the relevant part, making it easy to work on elements as needed.

Introduction (length 13:07)
We cover the music of Tango, with an introduction to the background of the dance and the three different styles. We also discuss the music of Tango, as well as Ballroom hold and dance posture. While there is a special Tango hold used by more experienced dancers, we don't go into that in the Beginner program as people have enough to work on and getting into those details tends to derail the learning process by getting into too much technique. We cover the special Tango hold in our Intermediate Tango program.

Tango Walks (length 12:59)
This video shows you how to move, the figure known as Tango Walks, and gives you some insight into use of the legs so that you look amazing when you dance.

The Rocks (length 14:21)
This figure is used in many ways in Tango. We show you the figure and give you some insights to avoid common problems we often see on the dance floor.

Promenade Link (length 15:55)
This popular figure takes you from a basic Closed Position to a position known as Promenade. It is often danced poorly due to common misunderstandings, many of them caused by motion picture Tango scenes. We show you how to avoid those problems and give you insights into the lead and follow of this action.

Closed Promenade (length 11:03)
This figure switches from Promenade Position back to Closed Position. This concludes the basic step patterns we cover in the Beginner program.

Moving Around the Room (length 4:06)
This short lesson shows you how you join these figures together and repeat the group to dance all the way around the room. We also add a couple of insights to ensure that you look great as you dance your basic Tango.

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George Pytlik

Author George Pytlik

Before turning pro, George achieved impressive results as an amateur competitor, holding the Senior (30+) Latin championship in BC, Canada for 7 consecutive years with his wife Wendy. The couple twice achieved a top-3 Canadian ranking in Senior Latin as well as a 3rd place Canadian ranking in 30+ Ten Dance. Today, George and Wendy are professional teachers with a vision of growing a strong dance community in Delta near Vancouver, BC.

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