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The Rumba is a sexy and romantic Latin dance that originated from the Cuban Son. This program covers the International-style Rumba.

Normally we don't include the Rumba in our Beginner program, but it's not hard to learn. Many of the figures are essentially the same as those in Cha Cha except that there are fewer steps and the music is slower, making them easy to learn if you already know the Cha Cha.

In this video dance class that totals more than an hour of instruction, you'll learn the basic elements of Rumba with a common group of figures that you can use to look great in any social dance setting. We give you enough technique that you can look polished quite easily.


This course is 1 hour and 8 minutes long. The program is broken into multiple parts to help make it easy for you to work on the individual figures.

Introduction (length 5:30)
We cover the different kinds of Rumba and the musicality of International-Style Rumba. We also teach you proper dance hold, posture and how to move in a polished way.

Rumba Basics (length 13:15)
This section shows you the basic Rumba pattern, which is the foundation of your Rumba figures.

The New York (length 12:48)
One of the most popular figures in Rumba. We show you not only the step pattern but how to lead it and some technique to avoid common problems.

The Lady's Underarm Turn (length 7:38)
We cover this figure and how to lead it.

Double Spot Turn (length 5:41)
We Show you the Double Spot Turn in which the partners both turn in opposite directions.

The Hand to Hand (length 10:01)
Although this figure is similar to the New York, there are two important differences. We help you understand the right technique to look great on the dance floor.

The Shoulder to Shoulder (length 15:04)
We end the program with this beautiful figure. We show you how to lead it, an upgrade to make it look even better, two possible exits and a nice way to get into it directly from another figure.

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George Pytlik

Author George Pytlik

Before turning pro, George achieved impressive results as an amateur competitor, holding the Senior (30+) Latin championship in BC, Canada for 7 consecutive years with his wife Wendy. The couple twice achieved a top-3 Canadian ranking in Senior Latin as well as a 3rd place Canadian ranking in 30+ Ten Dance. Today, George and Wendy are professional teachers with a vision of growing a strong dance community in Delta near Vancouver, BC.

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