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Our approach is to be focused on helping our students enjoy the experience of learning to dance. That means putting as few barriers in the way as possible. As a result, our terms and conditions are pretty straight forward, but we do have a few terms designed to manage expectations.

Refund Policy

We are unable to give refunds, but we do provide opportunities to get the most out of any classes you’ve already paid for.

For wedding dance packages, if you don’t utilize the full number of lessons prior to your wedding, we will give you private dance lessons to complete the value of your package.

For Delta Dance group class punch cards, we’ll transfer the remaining value of a punch card toward a different level or to private lessons, whichever you prefer.

Lost Punch Cards

Punch cards need to be treated like cash. We are unable to replace lost Delta Dance punch cards. To ensure that others who find it can’t use it, write your name on the card so that we can keep an eye out in the event that this happens.

Transferring from Level 1 to another level

If you have a Level 1 punch card and want to move up to another level, that’s great! Just present your Level 1 card for the higher level class and we’ll punch it twice to reflect the higher value of the class.

If you have an Intermediate Level punch card and want to use it for Level 1, you are welcome to do so. Just keep in mind that one punch on your higher level card is equivalent to two punches of a Level 1 card. So this makes sense for a couple, but will be increase your cost if you’re solo.

Cancelations and Missed Classes

Cancelation of private lessons require 24-hour notice or they will be charged. Our availability is limited and we often have to turn away teaching opportunities to fit people into the schedule, so this policy is required.

If you miss a group class that you’ve already paid for, we cannot refund your payment, but we will move your registration to a different class within a reasonable time frame.


Memberships are non-refundable, but you may cancel your membership at any time, and your membership benefits will continue until the anniversary date of your original order. All subscriptions, whether Netflix or your gym membership, renew automatically so this is nothing new.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, or if you have any concerns, please email us at or call us at 604-657-1351.