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Training focused directly on you

Group classes are great for learning steps at substantial savings. But in a group setting, it’s impossible for the teacher to provide individual attention. If you’re struggling with details of a step, you often need to turn to private lessons.

Some people use private lessons to perfect a step or a favorite dance. You might need help dealing with a challenge that you’re struggling with. You may have missed a class and want to catch up on what was covered before the next class. Maybe you don’t understand some aspect of a step pattern. Perhaps you aren’t able to lead a step and want to understand what you’re missing. You might want to prepare for medal tests or competition. In some cases couples just feel that their movement isn’t in harmony and want a teacher to look at it and explain what’s missing.

Private instruction is also perfect when preparing for special dance situations such as a first dance at a wedding or an honor dance for an event such as an awards ceremony. In addition, limited Pro/Am competition opportunities are available with either George or Wendy, where students compete while dancing with a professional instructor.

Perfect for:

  • Lead/Follow training
  • Specific dances
  • Clarifying step patterns
  • Technical insights
  • Medal Tests
  • Competition training
  • Wedding dance

First Dance Magic
As a married couple, George and Wendy are an excellent choice for crafting the First Dance for your wedding. Training together, they can demonstrate the dance roles of each member of the partnership better than a single teacher can.

Book First Dance Training

Private lessons take place at any of three different locations: Kennedy Hall in Surrey, the Crystal Ballroom in Richmond, or Imperial Ballroom in Richmond.

Available times are limited. If George and Wendy’s schedules don’t work for you, we’ll be happy to direct you to another high-quality teacher.

Joint Lesson option

Delta Dance offers a unique option where couples can enjoy a joint training session with both George and Wendy for only a few dollars more than a lesson with one teacher alone. This provides unique benefits where Wendy can address aspects such as lady’s footwork, stretch and arm styling while George works with you on technical details as well as partnering and leading. The two are also known for their ability to assist competitive couples with performance and presentation skills. All Wedding First Dance training automatically utilizes the dual instructor system.

Private lessons are 45 minutes in length. You may purchase your lessons in groups of 10 for a punch card that saves you the hassle of paying every time you have a lesson.

To inquire about private lessons, call George Pytlik at 604.657.1351 or use our convenient online feedback form.

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