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First Dance Magic

The finishing touch on your wedding day

You want your special day to be as perfect as possible. One of the most emotional moments on that day is the bride and groom’s first dance as a married couple. Of course, you can choose to just wing it. But two minutes are an eternity when you are just shuffling from one foot to the other, while your audience checks their watches wondering how long this will go on.

We can help you make that time magical, with a romantic dance routine choreographed just for you. For Iain and Celine (shown below) who were married in a unique outdoor setting in France, we had fun including elements of his personal dance style. For Michael and Candice, we built into the choreography the story of how they met through social media. For Travis and Jessica, we included their love of country music to give the dance a unique character. When your story is included in your wedding first dance choreography, your friends will enjoy the moment even more and remember that dance for years to come!

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wedding first dance choreographed by George and Wendy

Tips for your wedding dance

  • Don’t wait until the last minute

    Your schedule will get busier as you get closer to the big day. Most couples are happiest when they start 10-12 weeks before the wedding. Give yourself enough time to amaze your guests with a first dance that that is uniquely yours.

  • Use the lessons as quality time

    Lessons will get you out of the hustle and bustle of wedding planning to enjoy quality time together. Learning to dance and having fun can be a great stress reliever as well as a rewarding lifelong activity.

  • Consider the wedding party

    Don’t forget about the other special dances that will take place at your wedding. We are happy to help with father/daughter and mother/son dances as well as bridal party lessons and group classes.

  • Plan your music carefully

    If you plan to dance to a special song, or mashup of multiple songs, at your reception, we can help. We have professional software and the skill to put your music together properly. Keep in mind that some music just won’t work well for a First Dance. If you haven’t chosen a song, we can recommend something based on your favourite dance and personality.

  • Take group classes if possible

    Group lessons will help you get familiar with the dances in a fun, social setting, saving you money. You’ll learn basic foundations for dancing that will help you through when nerves take over.

  • Practice

    Private lessons are great learning experiences, but you won’t progress if you don’t take some time each week to practice. Remember, these practice sessions are a great chance to just do something fun together.

Special limited-time offer

Order the 7-lesson Bride and Groom package (or use it for mom-and-son or father-daughter dances) and receive a pair of laser-engraved wine glasses as our wedding gift. While quantities last.

The Bride and Groom Package

In this popular wedding first dance package you get 7 private lessons with both George and Wendy, each 45 minutes in length. Between those lessons we’ll choreograph a customized routine to your special song, and if you like will even help you select a piece of music. Plus, you can video us dancing your routine so that you have something you can refer to while you practice. You’ll also receive plenty of tips and advice to make you look confident on the dance floor. $629 + GST

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The OMG! Is it really that close? Package

We understand. You had so much going on that your wedding first dance was left to the last minute and now it’s an emergency. No problem! You get 4 private lessons with both Wendy and George, each 45 minutes in length. We’ll create something simple yet awesome, even with the short time frame, and give you tips and advice to make you look confident on the floor. $359 + GST

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Just the Basics Package

Maybe you don’t want anything special, or you just left it to the last minute. That’s fine too! This two-lesson package is perfect for giving you a basic Waltz box step and a couple of simple touches, like a dip. It’s a great choice if you’re really last minute, or you just want to keep it simple. $179 + GST

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We’ll help you design a routine to your choice of music, then train you to dance it in style. Allow 7 lessons and practice time to learn your routine unless you’re already experienced ballroom dancers. The more time you can devote the better.

Couples find that this time together on the dance floor is a great way to relieve the stress of the planning process and just enjoy their intimate connection as they learn to dance. You’ll also need to set aside some practice time on your own.

Your story

Your wedding dance will be uniquely choreographed to tell a story about your relationship. Most wedding dances are only a couple minutes in length, but what a beautiful story it tells when the couple dances something unexpected with style and confidence! We include elements of your personalities to make it more fun for everyone.

We’ll also teach you some basic steps that you can use when the choreography is finished. Your MC will typically invite others to join you on the dance floor at this point and you can use these basic steps while they make their way to the floor.

Want to include others in the party? No problem! We’ve included the parents and even the entire wedding party with a group dance for more entertainment value.

The Venue

We can help create a powerful dance for any venue, but you do need to think about the space where you’ll be dancing. Some floors allow easy foot movement while others will require lifting of the feet because of a rough surface. Many hotel linoleum floors have metal ridges that can catch shoes so if we know about that we can design around it. Outdoor weddings may involve special considerations. How big is the floor? Some dances suit a small floor while others require a larger space, so this information is helpful in designing the dance itself.

The Dress

Your choreography takes into account the floor surface, the shoes you’re wearing and, perhaps most important, the style of dress (don’t worry, the groom won’t be in on the details). Some steps won’t suit certain dress styles so we always match your dance to the dress the bride is wearing for the best possible result.

Two teachers for the price of one

One of the things that sets us apart is that all our Wedding First Dance couples get two teachers for the same price normally charged by other studios for a single teacher.

This means you get the benefit of seeing the choreography performed with the right dynamic, and you get to see how it works together to tell the story.

On top of that, we let you video your teachers dance the routine with commentary so that you can use that as a guide during your practice sessions.

Your teachers are 7-time BC competitive champions who were ranked third in Canada.

With your First Dance package, your teachers take time in between your lessons to think about your music and how to choreograph something that works for your goals and personalities. So you don’t lose all that valuable lesson time while your teacher plans out possible choreography.

Raj and Yukari

Raj and Yukari wanted something more elaborate for their destination wedding in Japan. The song was “A Whole New World” from Aladdin, well suited to a nice American Smooth Waltz. Despite the fact that neither of them had any prior dance experience, they did a terrific job with a complex routine.

Michael and Candice

Their story was so remarkable that we wanted to include it as part of the dance. Michael and Candice met on a dating app, but before they had a chance to meet in person they passed each other regularly on the street, not having any idea that the other person was the one they were chatting with.

Geoffrey and Caroline

The Viennese Waltz is one of the more difficult dances, but we often get couples coming to us with a Viennese Waltz song. Geoffrey and Caroline did a great job with a more complex show style first dance.

Monique and Dallas Mom-and-Son Mashup

This fun mom and her son wanted to do a dynamic dance as a celebration of their life journey, utilizing several songs including Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” We developed this entertaining dance for them and they performed it brilliantly.

Start your new life with a beautiful message of togetherness. Make your Wedding First Dance something people will talk about.

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