Everything quality dancing should be in 12 easy lessons

Simple steps danced well are highly enjoyable, both for the dancers and for anyone watching. Ballroom dancers who want to look and feel great on the floor focus on perfecting the basics. Even the world champions, when they perform solo presentations, often use the most basic steps, showing how they have mastered them so that they actually look like fancy steps.

Even the top champions show off their best dancing with basic steps. If these steps are good enough for world champions, they’re good enough for anyone!

The Delta Dance Level 2 intermediate ballroom dancing program is a 12-week series that repeats over and over continuously. Since it takes time for most people to learn these steps well, the majority of dancers repeat the program as they work to perfect their dancing. The punch card system means you can skip dances because of holidays or work and just pick up those missed classes the next time they cycle around.

What you’ll learn

The course covers a total of six dances, with exactly two weeks for each dance. The program picks up where the Beginner ballroom dance classes left off, adding more technique and new steps in a relaxed environment designed for learning. Alternating between the Latin and Standard genres, you’ll learn Cha Cha, Quickstep, Rumba, Tango, Jive and Waltz. The steps are those found in the Bronze and Silver syllabus of step groups.

Where and When

The Level 2 program is taught at both Kennedy Hall on the North Delta/Surrey border, and at KinVillage Community Centre in Tsawwassen. Both programs are identical in content and continue throughout the year.

Both facilities offer a punch card system so that you never have to worry about losing classes because of a vacation, trip or other reason. You can just pick up the classes you missed 12 weeks later when they cycle around again. But at this time your registration and punch cards are not interchangeable between the two locations.

Kennedy Hall

8870 120th Street, Surrey
80-minute classes
Saturdays 11:30am until 12:50pm
To register, call 604.657.1351

KinVillage Community Centre

5430 10th Avenue, Tsawwassen
80-minute classes
Sunday afternoons 3:45pm until 5:05pm
To register, call 604.943.0225

If you need more information about any of these programs, call George Pytlik at 604.657.1351