Making it fun to learn

Dancing should be fun, and it should be great fun to learn. George and Wendy Pytlik, the teachers of these Delta-based introductory ballroom dance group classes, provide a fresh and enjoyable environment that makes learning a time of laughter and lightness.

The Delta Dance Level 1 ballroom dance program is a 12-week series covering six different dances that simply repeats over and over. You can join any time as long as it’s week 1 of a new dance, so you don’t have to wait until the 12 weeks are over! This program is perfect if you’ve never danced before, you’ve danced but never had formal training, or even if you’ve danced with training but it’s been many years and you need a refresher. Most participants repeat the program until they’re comfortable with the steps, then move on to new material and technique in the Intermediate program.

Dance classes shouldn’t be filled with pressure to perform. There’s enough pressure in life! Dance classes should let you get away from all that pressure and just relax with someone special.

What you’ll learn

The course gives you a sampling of six dances from two genres. You learn ChaCha, Salsa and Jive from the “Latin” side, and Foxtrot, Tango and Waltz from the “Ballroom” side.

You’ll learn enough basic ballroom dance steps to feel comfortable on any dance floor, especially if you practice what you learn in between the weekly sessions.

Some dances are easy to learn, while others are more challenging. The program takes that into account. The Social Foxtrot and Tango, which are really easy for beginners to learn, are covered in just one session each. The Jive and Waltz, which are a little more detailed, are each covered over a three week period. Cha Cha and Salsa are each covered in two sessions.

Where and When

The Level 1 classes are currently only available at Kennedy Hall on the border of  North Delta/Surrey.

The Level 1 program repeats continuously throughout the year. Don’t worry if you have to miss classes because of your work schedule or vacation or whatever. You can just pick up any classes you missed 12 weeks later when they cycle around again.

Kennedy Hall
  • 8870 120th Street, Surrey
  • 70+ minute classes
  • Saturday mornings 10:00am until about 11:15am
  • To register, just select your desired class in the calendar and purchase your ticket. You can also buy a punch card below, which saves you the GST.

If you need more information about any of these programs, call George Pytlik at 604.657.1351

How to Start

You can choose to start in two ways. Pay for each class you attend, or save by purchasing a discounted punch card that lets you attend 12 sessions. Either way, register for the classes using the calendar. You can pay when you register, or choose the RSVP option to pay at the studio. If you choose to buy the punch card, use the form below and we’ll get your card all ready for you.

Order Now

  • 12-lesson punch card for our introductory group class program. Perfect for those who have never danced before, or those who are brushing up on basic ballroom dance technique. We pay the GST, so you save money along with convenience.
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