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In this short tutorial, we take a sequence of basic Tango figures and modify them slightly to provide ideas that can make your dancing more creative.

The grouping begins with a modified Twist Turn (bronze figure), followed by a similarly modified Chase (gold figure). We end the Chase with a Chasse that has modified timing so that it can adapt easily to the Fallaway Whisk. This is followed by a Right Lunge and Rock on Left Foot, after which we move on to a series of traditional figures: Walks, Progressive Side Step Reverse Turn, Open Reverse Turn, Outside Swivel and Brush Tap.

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George Pytlik

Author George Pytlik

Before turning pro, George achieved impressive results as an amateur competitor, holding the Senior (30+) Latin championship in BC, Canada for 7 consecutive years with his wife Wendy. The couple twice achieved a top-3 Canadian ranking in Senior Latin as well as a 3rd place Canadian ranking in 30+ Ten Dance. Today, George and Wendy are professional teachers with a vision of growing a strong dance community in Delta near Vancouver, BC.

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