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The Quickstep is a fun, lively party dance that originated as a fast version of the Foxtrot. Originally called Quicktime, it includes elements of the Charleston, though these characteristics are not visible in the basic figures.

This is a comprehensive course. Though presented in video form, it's the same program we teach in our six-week Intermediate Quickstep group class series. Totaling about three hours in length, this thorough course is broken down into 15 individual pieces that match the groups listed in our downloadable choreography guide.

You'll learn Bronze, Silver and even some Gold figures, and you'll learn how to put the different figures together to create interesting choreography for your dancing. Each group includes one new figure that we show you in considerable detail so that you understand the principles you'll need to know to look great on the dance floor and to lead or follow the figure effectively.

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This course totals just under three hours in length, but is divided into 16 different choreography groups to make it easy for you to learn in a proven step-by-step process.

Group 1: Introduction to Quickstep (length 21:31)
The first group in our Intermediate Quickstep reviews basic technique to help you look your best when dancing Quickstep. We look at how to move in this dance, along with the Quarter Turn to Right and Quickstep Chasse.

Group 2: Forward Lock and Natural Pivot Turn (length 24:11)
Group 2 consists of the Forward Lock and a beautiful but challenging Bronze figure called the Natural Pivot Turn. Then we show you a way to combine Groups 1 and 2 to practice your Quickstep technique.

Group 3: Natural Spin Turn (length 12:36)
Group 3 in our choreography groups looks at the Quarter Turn to Right, Chasse and then the Natural Spin Turn with a Chasse ending.

Group 4: Natural Turn with Hesitation and Chasse Reverse Turn (length 7:56)
Group 4 includes the Forward Lock, then a Natural Turn with Hesitation and the Chasse Reverse Turn.

Group 5: The Impetus (length 16:14)
Group 5 in this series starts with a Progressive Chasse to Right followed by a Back Lock and the Closed Impetus. We also give you a look at the Open Impetus with information on how to lead the difference.

Part 6: The Running Finish (length 7:51)
This group covers a more challenging Bronze figure known as the Running Finish.

Group 7: Running Finish/Open Natural group (length 5:10)
In Group 7 we take the Running Finish and upgrade your skill by adding the Open Natural (or Passing Natural) to link to another Running Finish. This is a great way to get around an obstacle on the floor to find open space to continue normal Quickstep choreography.

Group 8: Natural Spin Turn and Reverse Pivot (length 9:30)
Group 8 consists of a Natural Spin Turn followed by a Reverse Pivot, which allows you to quickly change directions. We then continue with a Progressive Chasse to the Right.

Group 9: Double Reverse Spin (length 11:54)
In Group 9 you'll learn how to apply the Natural Spin Turn and Reverse Pivot to link to a Double Reverse Spin. This is a lovely combination that rotates right and then rapidly rotates left to create beautiful light and shade in your dancing.

Group 10: Hesitation to Double Reverse Spin (length 1:27)
This is a simple group that consists of a Forward Lock, Natural Turn with Hesitation, then a Double Reverse Spin and ends with a Progressive Chasse to the Right.

Group 11: The Tipple Chasse (length 17:28)
Group 11 is made up of a Natural Turn, Back Lock and a Bronze figure called the Tipple Chasse. We show you how to apply the Tipple Chasse both to turn a corner and to continue moving down the line of dance.

Group 12: Quick Open Reverse (length 8:22)
In group 12 we take the Natural Spin Turn and Chasse, overturning the Chasse to face the Line of Dance, and then applying a Quick Open Reverse.

Group 13: The V6 (length 8:22)
Group 13 introduces the V6 after a Natural Spin Turn, followed by a Chasse.

Group 14: The Four Quick Run (length 9:12)
In group 14 we overturn the V6 to face the Line of Dance and then apply a Quick Open Reverse and a new figure called the Four Quick Run.

Group 15: The Fishtail (length 11:19)
Group 15 introduces the Fishtail, a spectacular active figure. We give you the detail you need to dance the Fishtail properly.

Group 16: The Cross Chasse (length 3:47)
Our final grouping consists of the Natural Spin Turn and Reverse Pivot, followed by a new figure called the Cross Chasse and then moves on to the Fishtail.

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Before turning pro, George achieved impressive results as an amateur competitor, holding the Senior (30+) Latin championship in BC, Canada for 7 consecutive years with his wife Wendy. The couple twice achieved a top-3 Canadian ranking in Senior Latin as well as a 3rd place Canadian ranking in 30+ Ten Dance. Today, George and Wendy are professional teachers with a vision of growing a strong dance community in Delta near Vancouver, BC.

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