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The Chasse is one of the most basic figures in the International-style slow Waltz, so you would think that it is by now clearly understood by all dancers. Unfortunately, that's not the case. While most competitive dancers have a good understanding of the dynamics of this figure, social dancers usually don't. This article is designed to help you dance the Waltz Chasse more beautifully by better understanding it.

The Chasse in Waltz has a few variations, such as the Progressive Chasse to Right and the Chasse Roll. All of them are figures designed to move. So this is the first thing we need to understand about the Chasse. It moves. And it moves sideways. That's actually where the problems begin with this figure.

For this article we'll focus on the Chasse from PP but much of what is covered here applies to every variation.

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George Pytlik

Author George Pytlik

Before turning pro, George achieved impressive results as an amateur competitor, holding the Senior (30+) Latin championship in BC, Canada for 7 consecutive years with his wife Wendy. The couple twice achieved a top-3 Canadian ranking in Senior Latin as well as a 3rd place Canadian ranking in 30+ Ten Dance. Today, George and Wendy are professional teachers with a vision of growing a strong dance community in Delta near Vancouver, BC.

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