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Canada’s best video instruction

Students of the Delta group classes often ask if there’s a way to find videos of the steps they are learning. The answer is a resounding yes! Andy Wong of The Grand Ballroom produced a wide range of videos that are truly exceptional in their clarity and quality. With these lessons, available on DVD or download format, you’ll have access to the same ballroom dance steps taught in the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced programs in the Delta facilities.

Having them close at hand is a great way to review the steps you’ve been taught at any time. Forget some detail? No problem! Just check out that step in the video and you’ll quickly be reminded. Forget the recommended step groupings? Just look at the video and it will all come back to you.

Dance videos featuring Andy Wong

The same steps taught in our group classes

Andy and Wendy Wong, owners of The Grand Ballroom, set new standards for dance schools around the world. The Grand Ballroom was located in Richmond, BC from 1994 to 2013. In its 20 year history, over 18,000 people enjoyed group classes and private lessons by Andy and Wendy.

It was the leading ballroom dance school in Greater Vancouver for 20 years.

In the three years before their retirement, Andy and Wendy Wong graciously mentored George and Wendy Pytlik as they developed their dance teaching skills. The group classes that George and Wendy teach are delivered in the same style that Andy and Wendy taught, with the same approach to teaching. After all, who can argue with the success that The Grand Ballroom had proven as Canada’s largest ballroom dance school?

So if you want to review the steps you’re learning in one of the Delta facilities, just get the video from The Grand Ballroom website. Access Canada’s largest selection of ballroom dance videos and learn from Beginners to Advanced Gold Star level in both the Latin and Standard genres. Check out the catalog and order directly from The Grand Ballroom website.

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Do these videos replace the group class program?

No, the videos show you the steps and step groupings, demonstrating both the men’s and lady’s step patterns. They are great for review when you have previously learned the steps. But they can’t replace the actual process of originally learning them. There are details such as how to lead the steps, how to initiate body and foot movement to make them work, arm styling, weight distribution and more that can’t be shown on the videos.

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