Rewards that will really get your feet moving

Sure, we know dancing is rewarding all by itself. But now it also earns rewards. Introducing the new Delta Dance loyalty program! Now you can get points every time you take a lesson, earning you cool rewards like free group classes, discounts and even free private lessons. This message gives you more details on how the new program works. Get on board and start earning!


Introducing Flok

Flok is a rewards app combining digital punch card, loyalty club memberships, online purchase options and communication tools all in one. You can buy your group class packages right from the app, check into classes and track your rewards. It lets us create exciting new ways to save you money and keep your involvement in learning to dance fresh and enjoyable.

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What are these changes all about?

The loyalty points can be earned at our Kennedy classes or private lessons only.

We looked at several options for managing a rewards program and settled on Flok, a sophisticated mobile-device app that has many great features. To use it, you just download Flok, create a free account with your Email address or log in with your Facebook account, and start earning rewards in every class.

Your rewards are waiting

Download Flok today and start earning rewards. Here are some of the things we’ve already decided on:
  • 50% discount on a drop-in fee just for joining the club
  • One free group class (Kennedy location) after 15 punches
  • Free $25 Starbucks gift card draw every month
  • After 25 punches you automatically get Silver Club Membership and enjoy special benefits
  • After 50 punches you automatically get Gold Club Membership and enjoy 10% off repeat group classes thereafter (Kennedy only)
  • After 100 punches you automatically get Platinum Club Membership and enjoy 20% off repeat group classes thereafter (Kennedy only)
  • Platinum Club members get one free private lesson every year (maximum one per couple). This is a staggering $85 value!

Earn Rewards

To earn points towards your reward prizes, you need to get a digital punch using your app. At the end of every class, see one of our staff and they’ll show the special QR code. You just open your Flok app, slide the punch card to the right and point your phone to the QR code. You’ll instantly be punched in towards your next reward.

Redeem Rewards

As soon as you earn a reward, the app will let you know. Then you just show it to a staff member and they’ll redeem your reward. It might be a free entry to a group class, a discount on the purchase of a group class package, or something else. We even have a prize draw every month for those who help promote our program by checking in on Facebook!

Free prize draw every month

We draw a random name every month from all students who punched in with Flok during the previous month. The more classes you attend, the more chances you have to win! Winners are announced in our Email newsletter and in class.

Discounted Private Lessons

We can already offer discounted private lessons. Purchase a group of 10 lessons and we’ll pay the GST, saving you up to $42.50! Solo lessons are $80, while lessons with both George and Wendy are just $100 for 55 minutes. Compare to typical ballrooms who charge $85 for a shorter 45-minute lesson.

Do you need to use Flok?

No, you don’t need to use this app.

Whether or not you use the Flok app is completely optional. It won’t affect your classes in any way if you don’t use it. If you don’t care about earning these rewards, don’t have a mobile device, or prefer to stay with the paper punch cards, that’s perfectly okay. We’ll continue to offer the traditional punch cards and we even have exciting new full-color cards on the way.

Just keep in mind that the app is the only way to earn rewards and keep track of your progress toward things like our Silver, Gold and Platinum club memberships. We would love to do it manually but it’s just not possible due to the enormous amount of manpower that would be needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if we only have one phone between two of us?

We have good news and bad news. The bad news is that the app only works on a per-person basis, so we can’t do things like double-punch your card just because two of you are in the class. The good news is that as a couple, you’ll still enjoy benefits like discounted group classes and the annual free private lesson offered to Platinum Club members. In most ways, it won’t make any difference if both of you or just one is using the Flok app.

How do I punch my card?

At the end of each class, staff will have a QR code handy. You just slide the punch card on your app to the side, point your phone at the QR code and will be instantly punched in toward your next reward.

How do I redeem a reward?

Just show your reward information to a staff member. They’ll get you redeemed and then mark your reward as having been redeemed.

Can I stop using the app?

You can stop using the app any time you like. Accumulated points will remain in your account just in case you want to return to it in the future.

Do points run down?

Nope, points do not run down over time like they do with some loyalty programs. You can take as long as you like to accumulate reward points or wait as long as you like to use them.