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Rewards that will really get your feet moving

Sure, we know dancing is rewarding all by itself. But now it also earns rewards. The Delta Dance loyalty program lets you earn cool rewards like free group classes, free Starbucks gift cards, discounts and even free private lessons. We previously used Flok but discontinued it. This message gives you more details on how our program works. Get on board and start earning!

Why we dropped Flok

Flok is a rewards app combining digital punch card, loyalty club memberships and communication tools. We used it for about three years until making a decision to drop it in February 2019. It’s a fairly well designed system but has flaws that frustrated us.

The GDRP legislation from Europe caused Flok to drop one of the features we used the most, making it even less useful. Pricing is in US funds and we were spending many hundreds of dollars annually to license the program. As features became less valuable and prices increased, we had to make a difficult decision to drop the program.

The good news is that we are now applying most of the benefits you liked, just using a different system.

Under the Flok system, you would scan a bar code after each class to punch your card and after 15 classes you would get a free class.

Our new system continues that tradition and makes it better. Now you a free class after only 12 classes rather than 15. Just hand in your completed Level 1 punch card and we’ll give you a free group class coupon so that your next class (following the date you received it) is free. Even better, the redeem date is much longer because Flok’s free class coupon expired in one week and many people lost out as the time was just too short.

For those in Level 2 and 3 programs, just hand in 2 of your completed punch cards for your free group class coupon.

Your rewards are waiting

Join our classes today and start earning rewards. Here are some of the benefits:
  • One free group class (Kennedy location) after 12 punches
  • Free $25 Starbucks gift card draw every month
  • After 48 punches you automatically get Gold Club Membership and enjoy 10% off repeat group classes thereafter (Kennedy only)
  • After 96 punches you automatically get Platinum Club Membership and enjoy 20% off repeat group classes thereafter (Kennedy only)
  • Platinum Club members get one free private lesson every year (maximum one per couple). This is a staggering $85 value!

Free prize draw every month

We draw a random name every month from all students who entered their name when checking in during the previous month. The more classes you attend, the more chances you have to win! Each month we give away a free $25 Starbucks gift card. There’s a Starbucks conveniently located about a block from Kennedy Hall, so you can use your new card almost immediately after leaving class. Winners are announced in our Email newsletter and in class.

Discounted Private Lessons

We can already offer discounted private lessons. Purchase a group of 10 lessons and we’ll pay the GST, saving you up to $42.50! Solo lessons are $65, while lessons with both George and Wendy are just $85 for 45 minutes.