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Wendy’s favorite dances:

  • Rumba Romantic and full of passion
  • Waltz Flows like the waves at a favorite beach
  • Samba That funky, rich Samba beat
  • Slow Foxtrot The music is incredible

A little bit about Wendy

Wendy is qualified to teach through the Canadian DanceSport Federation certification program. She has been dancing for much of her life, though most of that time not in the ballroom genre. She was a championship Scottish Highland dancer for years, winning many events in Ontario and BC and even teaching Highland dancing for some time. She has so many Highland dancing trophies that they’re boxed up in a warehouse! After starting in ballroom dancing with George in the fall of 2002, Wendy focused on the Latin dances before getting serious about the Standard genre.

Wendy enjoys the teaching experience as much as she has enjoyed performing during our competition years.

What I love about teaching dance

I love seeing people go from uncertainty to confidence in their dancing. One of my favorite things is seeing a couple that has been struggling with a step, wondering if they’ll ever get it, going to a place where it just clicks and they feel like they’ve danced that step their whole lives. It’s incredibly rewarding to see those kind of victories in people’s dance progress. Ballroom dancing isn’t just technique or individual steps like you have in other dances like Highland or Ballet. It’s entirely about dancing together, and that makes it challenging to learn. But those breakthrough moments feel like the greatest thing in the world. Anyone can dance, and I love it when people, especially men, realize that they can dance and look good.

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