Maxine’s favorite dances:

  • Waltz Graceful, romantic, long flowing movements
  • Slow Foxtrot Love the music, sophisticated, timeless
  • Rumba Music, expressive, flirty
  • Tango Intense, a dance you feel, strong music

Maxine is the friendly face you see when you check into the group class programs at our Surrey location. We met Maxine back in 2015 when she invited us to teach programs at the Kennedy Seniors Recreation Centre where she volunteered as the head of the programs there. Although we have moved on from that facility, her passion for volunteering has never wavered and she continues to volunteer her time on Saturdays checking people in and looking after many details related to memberships and student involvement.

A little bit about Maxine

“I retired from 37 years in the Dental Field. This came after a personal tragedy in my life. A year later I decided to rekindle my passion for dance and it became an important part of my healing process. The feeling you get from dance is different from anything you will ever encounter. When you step onto the dance floor you forget the outside world anything you have troubling you will melt away after the first step.

When I became Director in charge of Instructional Programs for Kennedy Seniors Recreation Centre, I noticed that we had no dance programs. So thinking of the joy and other benefits I get from dance, I thought, why not bring dance to Kennedy. We started the Level 1 and 2 classes and they proved very successful. To provide additional skills and dances, we later added the Level 3 program and it too proved popular. Moving on to Kennedy Hall has provided a more relatable location for younger people and it’s been a joy to see attendance keep growing. I hope to see you on the floor!”