The community of Delta is no stranger to competitive activity. For years the area has hosted the highly successful Tour de Delta bicycle race which brings hundreds of spectators and competitors from around the world. Delta Gymnastics and the Delta Rowing Club have both created reputations for excellence. The Vancouver Giants hockey team trains in Delta. But until now, competitive ballroom dancing hasn’t been on the radar in this suburb located a few minutes south of Vancouver.

logoThe Delta Cup DanceSport Gala is set to change that on October 17, 2015. This small but spectacular one-day ballroom dance competition will bring competitors from across Greater Vancouver, Vancouver Island, the USA and hopefully other areas to see who’s the best. BC used to have a number of annual competitions, but those have dwindled as ballrooms have closed due to the rising cost of real estate. Where there were once eight annual competitions in this province, there are now only four. Delta Cup will add a fifth event to the mix.

Delta Cup is a joint venture between George and Wendy Pytlik and KinVillage Community Centre. George and Wendy are known as “Delta’s dance teachers” because of their focus on supporting this community in both North and South Delta.

KinVillage, one of the places where George and Wendy teach, has proven to be remarkably well-equipped with a 60 x 45 foot sprung dance floor, a stage, built-in sound system, plenty of seating and even a cafe and lounge area. Located just 30 minutes south of Vancouver, an equally quick drive from the US border, 15 minutes from Vancouver International Airport and only 5 minutes from the Tsawwassen ferry terminal, KinVillage is superbly located.

Save the date: October 17, 2015. Hope to see you there!

This competition takes place one week before the Rocky Mountain Grand Prix in Calgary, so we’re hoping couples seek out Delta Cup as an opportunity to try a warmup competition before they head to that much larger event in Alberta.

Wide range of events

Our goal is to show Delta the full range of competition that goes on in ballroom dancing. Delta Cup will be sanctioned by the National Dance Council of Canada (NDCC) and Canadian DanceSport Federation (CDF).

It will feature a full slate of Pro/Am and Amateur competition in all skill levels and a variety of age groups. We’ll have Pro/Am Solo routines (limit of 2 per student to help manage the time), Single and Multi Dance events in both American and International styles, and Scholarship events in International Style.

Amateurs will be able to enjoy competing at Juvenile, Junior, Youth, Adult, Senior I and Senior III age levels. Because there is only one day to squeeze in a lot of events, we chose Senior III instead of Senior II because it seemed more fair to choose those two groups given the time limit. The kids are especially exciting to watch and all the kids events happen in the afternoon.

After a short dinner break we’ll move onto the evening events that will include Amateur Standard and Latin from Gold to Open skill levels, some Pro/Am Solo highlights and Pro/Am Open level and Scholarship events.

Quality officials

The judges list is still being finalized but we’ve already confirmed three outstanding judges, including Barb Child as chair of judges, Ekaterina Michtchenko of Vancouver and Alexandria Hawkins of Seattle. Scrutineer will be Michel Guimond, but we’ll be using o2cm for registration as it simplifies the process considerably with online capability. George and Wendy are especially picky about music and are thrilled to have the distinguished George Lindholm in charge of this critical area of the event.

Affordable pricing

Ballroom competitions are expensive to run but we’re working hard to keep costs as low as possible. Our facility can only hold a limited number of people and we have to cover the costs of judges, sanctioning, registration, advertising, medals and many other things so there’s a limit to how low our prices can go but we feel pretty good about where we ended up.

A very limited number of front row seats are reserved for Platinum and Gold level sponsors, but secondary-row table seating is just $40 for a full day or $30 for a half day. Bleacher seating is $30 for a full day or $20 for a half day.

Competitor registration is still being finalized but will also be kept affordable. Amateurs will have to pay a registration fee for their first two events only. Pro/Am registration fees will also be kept reasonable. All competitors will need to purchase a full-day competitor pass priced at $25.


coast-tsawwassenOut-of-town visitors can take advantage of special pricing worked out with Coast Tsawwassen Inn. This quality hotel is located about one mile from KinVillage. It has a fitness centre, pool and hot tub and is connected to Browns Social House, an excellent restaurant and sports bar. Deluxe Rooms are priced at just $115 per night and include parking, WiFi and breakfast. To book your stay, call toll free (800) 663-1144 and quote “Delta Cup DanceSport Gala.”

Focus on Fun

Wendy and George are experienced competitors. They’ve been to many events in many cities and know what they like to feel. One of the main things is to have fun. Delta Cup will offer general dancing and some fun stuff to balance out the steady drone of competition events. We’re looking for volunteers, sponsors, advertisers for the program, and most of all competitors. Hope to see you there!

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George Pytlik

Author George Pytlik

Before turning pro, George achieved impressive results as an amateur competitor, holding the Senior (30+) Latin championship in BC, Canada for 7 consecutive years with his wife Wendy. The couple twice achieved a top-3 Canadian ranking in Senior Latin as well as a 3rd place Canadian ranking in 30+ Ten Dance. Today, George and Wendy are professional teachers with a vision of growing a strong dance community in Delta near Vancouver, BC.

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